Street Food Cinema

Price: $9 - $19
Sat, Oct 26, 2019 - Culver City, California

It’s more than just a movie! Street Food Cinema features cool outdoor movies, picnic-ready food trucks, live music from emerging artists, interactive games and more! 2019 marks the eighth season with over 15 locations. Rock the field and share the experience.

Technical production for Street Food Cinema is led by an experienced team of professionals with over 12 years of experience in outdoor movie entertainment. We provide the best outdoor movie production with high-definition DLP projection on a 50′ screen (image 40′ wide x 22.5′ high) with QSC speakers and subs to create a cinema quality experience.

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Location: Culver City, California

Address: 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City, California 90230, USA

Venue: Varies Each Weekend

Ages: All Ages