Parent and Me: Otters

Price: $10 - $49
Sat, Oct 19, 2019 - Long Beach, CA

Learn the characteristics of mammals and find out what makes marine mammals so special.
Do you know a budding marine biologist? The Junior Biologist series of programs at the Aquarium will encourage a love of science in your seven- to twelve-year-old child.

Each 2-hour class includes theme related activities, guided gallery tour, interaction with our animal care staff behind-the-scenes, and a keepsake journal.

Marine Mammals:
From layers of blubber to filter feeding baleen we will explore the amazing adaptations marine mammals use to survive in the ocean. During this 2-hour program your seven- to twelve-year-old child will:

Touch animals in our private classroom touch pools
Review the characteristics of mammals
Feed sea otters behind-the-scenes with our animal care staff*
Take a guided tour of the Northern Pacific gallery and observe the sea otters
Record observations in a keepsake journal
Other activities may include:

Test the insulating properties of blubber against other materials
Play a game illustrating the migration patterns of whales
Discern between whales of the same species by looking for subtle differences in their fin shape, just like researchers in the field would
*The Aquarium reserves the right to change the animal interactions without notice due to animal safety, exhibit maintenance, or animal health reasons.

Location: Long Beach, CA

Address: 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, California 90802, USA

Venue: Aquarium of the Pacific

Ages: All Ages